Fachgruppe Angewandte Informatik Göttingen

The COOKIE-Seminar

This on not a seminar about cookies. But: There will be cookies! And also drinks. Yeah!

This "seminar" is supposed to be a fun get-together where students (or actually anyone) talk about their current projects and other people listen to it, because it's interesting! ;-)

We also want to get to know more people who study or work here and nurture a great environment and atmosphere here at our institute.

This is why we want to encourage all kinds of different people (not only students) to stop by the seminar once in a while - or contribute some talks about cool stuff they are doing!

Also important: If you have any idea - some cool project or something you recently learned and want to share - contact us under fachgruppe@informatik.uni-goettingen.de

Upcoming Talks

Location: Ifi 0.101

Seminar Date Author Title Language preference
18.01.2018 - - -
01.02.2018 - - -
16.02.2018 Wiebke Dirks Studying Computer Science in Ireland -
16.02.2018 Danny Working as a Software Developer in Ireland EN

Abstracts of upcoming talks

Studying Computer Science in Ireland

Working as a Software Developer in Ireland

Talk Ideas

Author (if any) Title Estimated time Language preference
Ole Reglitzki CSS Grids - Website layout revolution 30-45min DE/EN
Alireza ???
Dominick Leppich OpenGL & game programming techniques
Lorenz Glißmann Open Access & Open Eduacational Ressources DE/EN
Lorenz Glißmann FreeBSD - not a linux distro DE/EN
What programmers should know about licences
Alex Linne Low-Level optimization
Sergio Perez Ich hacke meine Prüfung wie es mir gefällt DE/JURA
Lorenz or Ole ? Wie der C3 vor Ort ist DE/EN

Lightning Talks

This should be very short talks at <10min.

Author Title Language
Rene Jeopardy-System