Fachgruppe Angewandte Informatik Göttingen

The COOKIE-Seminar

IMPORTANT: This on not a seminar about cookies. But: There will be cookies! And also drinks. Yeah!

Also important: If you have any idea - some cool project or something you recently learned and want to share - contact us under fachgruppe@informatik.uni-goettingen.de

Why a Cookie-Seminar?

Well, we ain't wanting to put out any additional seminars where you have to give a presentation and recieve some grade!

This "seminar" is just supposed to be a fun get-together where people talk a bit about their currenct projects and people listen to it, because they are interested! ;-)

We also want to get to know more people, that study or work here and nurture a great environment and athmosphere here at our institute.

This is why we want to encourage all kinds of different people to stop by the seminar once in a while - or contribute some talks about cool stuff they are doing!

Upcoming Talks

Location: Ifi 0.101

Seminar Date Author Title Language preference
26.10.2017 Lorenz Glißmann cool stuff about linux DE
9.11.2017 - - -
7.12.2017 - - -
21.12.2017 - - -
18.01.2017 - - -
1.02.2017 - - -

Abstracts of upcoming talks

Text Generation with LSTM Units

One of the cool things one can do with neural networks is making them learn from text in an unsupervised manner. The text could be English text, but it could also be any other kind of text, like for example source code. After learning, the neural network should be able to produce new text that is remarkably similar to the text which it learned from. The talk is about a project where this was experimented with.

Planned but not scheduled yet

Author (if any) Title Estimated time Language preference
Asterix, Ole Reglitzki, David JSFuck > 42min DE/EN
Ole Reglitzki CSS Grids - Website layout revolution 30-45min DE/EN
Fabiola [Praktikum in Kanada]
Antonio Text Generation with LSTM Units DE/EN
Alireza ???
Dominick Leppich OpenGL & game programming techniques
Lorenz Glißmann Open Access & Open Eduacational Ressources DE/EN
What programmers should know about licences
Sergio Perez Ich hacke meine Prüfung wie es mir gefällt DE/JURA

Lightning Talks

This should be very short talks at <10min.

Author Title Language
Rene Jeopardy-System